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Friday, April 26, 2013

Long Week

With my 23rd week coming to an end I am pretty positive this has been my most busy week with appointments and what not. Today is my last appointment though. For the past month I've been having heart palpitations. My heart rate has not left the 100's. It was 117 in clinic yesterday. They did an EKG and everything came back normal. The cardiologist really thinks it's because I am so petite and the baby is making my heart respond by pumping faster. He says this should clear up after pregnancy, but there is nothing to worry about. He does want to complete the work up though. Echo Cardiogram today at 430pm. Thankfully my mom is going to come baby sit Kadyn for me so I do not have to take him with me. He will be just getting home from school so he maybe sleeping. My mom will have it easy! haha. They also took my blood to check my thyroid. Basically just covering all the bases, but he does not believe anything will come back. After today's appointment it will only be follow up as needed. Which as long as the fast heart beat does not totally bother me than there will be no need. I don't want to be on any medications or anything unless i absolutely have to. The good thing is my blood pressure is perfect! 

Kadyn is doing super good too. He is saying Papa a lot. Seems to be his favorite word for the minute, I'm sure eventually he will go back to Dada. Yesterday he was so exhausted he didn't even eat his yogurt before bed. He slept from 7pm until 330am. Which 8 hours is more than he normally sleeps. Thankfully he was willing to play in bed and drink his bottle so I could go back to sleep until he had to get ready to get on the bus at 6am. The bus was super early this morning too. Usually it comes at 615, and today it was here at 604am. Thankfully I already had Kadyn in his chair and ready to go. I don't think I even forgot anything either. Which I am super forgetful lately. I think I'll blame that on pregnancy too! :)

Sleepy boy as I was trying to feed him yogurt last night
I must say that we are truly blessed. We have been given a long amazing stretch of a healthy Kadyn. Yes, we were just recently in the hospital for Kadyn's terrible cold but that has been his only cold all year long. While we were there, yes, we found out his port had come apart, but it was old and an easy simple surgery and 5 hours later we were home. He has done so much improvements since that was fix. I really do wonder if that was bothering Kadyn, like the port being broken kind of threw him off. With him being so sensitive it would not surprise me that something that would not bother anyone else, would bother him. I notice less calls from school, actually no calls regarding Kadyn's behavior. He stays awake at school, is happier and works a lot better.

This week I've also been nursing my brother's dog back to health. He had some sores on his nose that wouldn't go away. I am pretty good with animals and helping them out. I nursed our beagle back to health after everyone even the vet swore up and down she wouldn't make it. Trex is not and was not in any danger like that but you could tell his muzzle was sore and itchy. After a few days of antibiotics and benedryl his snout is looking much much better.
This is from the first day, red, itchy, blistered
This is from today. Not so red, or blistered anymore!

I am not 100% sure if all his fur will grow back around his muzzle but at least he will feel much better. He is a pretty good boy too I must say.

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