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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Neurosurgery appointment

Kadyn had a Neurosurgery appointment today. Everything went GREAT! His NSG said that he has never felt more comfortable sending us home. He also said all our hard work is truly paying off. Of course this comes from the support of friends, family and the teachers/staff at his school. Kadyn would not be as far as he is today without all their help. He is amazing!! We are going to schedule his yearly MRI to check out his brain and spine. He has Chiari Malformation and a Syrinx. We want to keep a close eye on things to be sure they are not getting worse, or perhaps they maybe getting better. Better is a great thing! :)

My 23rd week is almost over. This week I made a list of things we still need. We are not having a baby shower but I created my own registry at so I can have a my own list. I can remove things as I get them. Not everything on my registry are things we NEED. Some of the things are things I want for babies room but I added it on there so I can order them one day. I thought it would be a terrific idea to just create a registry for this baby, so I won't ever lose the list. I tend to write a lot of things down but it gets lost. We do plan on having a little "diaper" party for this baby. Something small, at our home after the baby is born.

Tomorrow is my Cardiology appointment. They are going to do an Echo Cardiogram and an EKG. I've been having some issues with my heart racing and I am hoping it's just my body responding to this pregnancy, but my doctor wants to be sure that everything is Ok. I don't blame him and I want everything to be ok also.

Kadyn has an MRI and an VMR coming up then a Dietitian/Neurology appointment and that should be it until after the baby is born, thank goodness. It's rough taking him to appointments now. Plus I have my appointments to worry about also. I'm not used to it at all! I give his information all the time instead of mine.


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