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Saturday, May 25, 2013

28 weeks

Well hello 3rd and final trimester. What a warm welcoming you gave me. A 3 hour glucose test. Oh Kyle why are you making this pregnancy so, so rough. I love you, but baby boy you are grounded. I've been through  a lot this pregnancy. Non stop morning sickness up until 18 weeks. In and out of the hospital for heart palpitations, breathing issues and dehydration. Cardiology visits, CT scans, EKG's, blood draw after blood draw. Just recently during the 3 hour glucose test I was poked 4 times. Did I complain yes. It sucks, but there are women who would kill to be in my shoes. Women who can not conceive and would do anything to conceive and would be thankful to go through everything I've gone through. I try not to complain, about the pains I feel, my heart issues, getting my blood drawn, out of respect for others, but it's hard not to complain. Pregnancy hurts. It especially hurts when you are only 4ft9 and your baby has no room.

I am thankful that I will have the opportunity to be a mommy of a healthy child. Don't get me wrong. I love Kadyn to death, I'm sure it shows and every sees it, but to have a baby not go to NICU is going to feel good. Knowing that this babys milestones will be cherished just as much as I have cherished Kadyn's. I know what it's like to not take what your children can do for granted. Kadyn's milestones mean the world to me. I cherish them and live for them.

Speaking of Kadyn's milestones. He is seriously unstoppable. Rolling, eating, talking, sitting up, smiling, laughing and reaching out to grab things. He is growing, he is thriving. Kadyn is back on the charts for height and weight. Life is good! My handsome prince is just kicking butt! It's amazing how worried I was when pregnant with him, and for good reason, but no reason. Yeah it was a rough couple years we had, and I am sure there will be bumps in the road, but there is no longer a dead end. There is a road with twists and turns, hills and mountains, but this road keeps on going. I'm enjoying the drive!! There is nothing like being a mother to a special little boy! I'm thankful I am Kadyn's mommy so I can show him nothing but love. He knows he is loved dearly. He knows I am way over protective of him. If only he understood how many doctors, nurses, people, transportation people I've yelled at in order to get him the best care possible. Thankfully I've never had to have a talk with his teachers. They are just as compassionate and over protective of the children as I am. I get phones calls about any red mark, scratch or bruise, when Kadyn's not in a good mood and when they see something new. Most the time it's weather related or Kadyn just not wanting to work with them. Kadyn has his days where he just does not want to be bothered just like we all do. He has days where he doesn't want to school just like we all did, but I still send him. I mean my mom never let me stay home just because I didn't feel like going. Oh not to mention, I've been called because Kadyn is acting "sick" then we get home and he is fine. This little booger surely knows how to get his way. He knows if he pretends to be sick (hit his head, cry, throw a fit, ect) his mommy or daddy will come get him. Little goof ball!. :)

No pictures this post sorry.