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Sunday, June 2, 2013

29 Weeks/Hospital stay/

I am 29 weeks now :). Although I don't look it. Carrying a small, but active little guy. I seriously only look about 18-20 weeks along. It's funny when I am asked how far along I am and I answer 29 weeks and I get looks like NO way you're too small. So funny!! Anyways, Baby Kyle is kicking like a champ. I had to take the 3 hour glucose test and I passed it like a champ! :) Thankfully, although it was terrible, things are going great and I am in the home stretch!

Kadyn ended up having a seizure. He was playing and happy all day long, but come 4:30pm he went to lay down and relax. I gave him his bottle and walked out of his room and leave him be. He enjoys his quiet time. I am sitting in my living room talking to my niece and I hear Kadyn's breathing and I knew he was seizing. I ran to his room hoping I was hearing things, but no there was my poor guy seizing. So I grab his Diastat and give it to him right away. He didn't stop. I send my niece to get Harvey (he was doing yard work) and have Harvey carry him to the living room while I dial 911. Once the ambulance go there he was pretty much done. So we were able to take him to Childrens. Since his vital were stable we didn't run the lights and sirens, for our safety, but on the way there Kadyn started seizing again. This isn't normal for him and after 2 minutes when it was getting worse, they gave him Versed up the nose. I had no idea they could do this but they can. His seizure continued for 7 minutes until we reached CHM and he came out of it, but we still went straight to trauma where to nightmare began. The medication really got to Kadyn. He vomited 7 times, he could not keep his oxygen up above 80. So they bagged him and was breathing for him. They finally put an NG tube in him to empty out the rest of what was in his stomach so he would stop vomiting. Every time he vomited they had to stop helping him breath which caused his O2 to go down. After the NG tube he stopped throwing up. Then about 2 hours after helping him breath he was able to breath on his own with just an oxygen mask. Then about an hour later he was on no Oxygen, he would destat a bit here and there but always was able to bring it up on his own. They put him in ICU just in case, monitor his breathing a lot better than on an inpatient floor. Kadyn slept through the night until 930am. When he woke up it was like nothing ever happened. He was happy, playful, hungry, and active. ICU team asked that we stay until Kadyn was 24 hours seizure free and to be sure the medication has totally worn off. I agreed and off to a regular inpatient floor we went. We had a hard time being able to leave, and it actually ended with me signing a AMA (Against Medical Advice) waiver. Let me explain.

Kadyn was admitted under Neurosurgery and Neurology while in ICU, once they cleared him of their services we were under he ICU team only. The ICU team felt Kadyn was ready to go but to be safe, send us up to the regular Neuro floor, and wait for the 24 hour mark. We were sent up under the care of the Pediatrics team aka Yellow Team. (YT for short) When we arrived up there I let the resident know that ICU team cleared us to go home after the 24 hour mark. He said ok, as long as Kadyn was doing fine. Which we was. When we got upstairs Kadyn was no on an IV or any monitoring. I assumed it would be fine to go home because Kadyn was back to baseline. When the 24 hour mark came and went I asked for the Resident, and he said he was in talks with his attending who was reluctant to send us home. I couldn't understand, Kadyn was acting normal, like nothing ever happened. No fever, no more seizures, shunt is fine, he is fine. So I asked to speak to him. When he came in he explained that he felt more comfortable waiting another day. I then explained that I've been through this a million times. I feel comfortable taking him home, he is not being monitored, he wants to get out of bed and play but at the hospital he can not since he can not walk. Normally we don't even bring him in, we let him sleep it off at home but because he was not coming out of it I had no choice but to call an ambulance and bring him in. Then after explaining myself and informing him my feelings. He would not give up. He then mentioned NSG tapping Kadyn's shunt and wanting us to wait for the results. So I explained, they tapped his shunt to see if he was having high pressure, which he wasn't. His shunt is fine and not infected. They just always take a bit of CSF when they tap and culture it...every single time. I then informed him that we are cleared to go from NSG. So then after that he said ok, I'll send you home. He then sent the resident back in to inform me that he wouldn't discharge us, that he didn't feel comfortable doing so. So I asked for an AMA waiver because I can observe him at home. I am the only one observing him in the hospital. The nurses come in every 1 hour and then vitals are every 4 hours. His vitals were only blood pressure and temps. They were not checking any other vitals. I know I made the right call. The resident and nurse was on my side. Once home Kadyn was happier. He actually gave his daddy a hug and was just so happy. I know the DR was just looking out for himself, but as Kadyn's mother and since we have lived with his epilepsy for almost 6 years now, I know what I am doing and how to handle it.


Kim said...

Glad he is doing better and you were able to come home. I am actually at CHM right now since my daughter has an EVD, we've been in and out of the hospital for the last month. I'm starting to feel like we live on the 6th floor.

Sara said...

Oh Kim I am so sorry! :( I hope she starts feeling better soon! Kadyn just recently started staying on the 5th floor for his hospital stays. She is in wonderful hands though :) I prefer the 6th floor over the 5th :D

Kim said...

I love the nurses on this floor. They have been great. Ellie is almost 4 so I wonder if we will move to the 5th floor next time (which better not be for a long, long time) :)