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Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Boating Season! :)

It's that time of year!! Time to get the boat out on the water. (Sadly I didn't get pictures of Kadyn on the boat, I will next time!)

We loaded up our boat and drove 25 minutes West to Lake Bellville. Beautiful lake. Kadyn and I waited up in the grass away from the boat docks while he got the boat in the water. Uncle Josh came along with us as well!! Then we got in the boat, put Kadyn's Life Jacket on and he laid on the floor of the boat. Last year and the year before Kadyn cried and shouted when we drove on the boat. I figured why not try again. He loved it! He was all smiles, feet up in the air and just relaxed. I swear if we stayed on the boat longer he would of fallen asleep, but as the sun set it was getting chilly and time to get Kadyn home to eat and go to bed. I can not wait to take the boat out even more. Although many times we will be going out on the Detroit River, Mainly on the days Kadyn is in school. This summer he will only have 3 1/2 days of school and taking him to the lake to go swimming may happen more for him! Harvey's brothers love to go tubing and what not.

Sun screen, life jacket and swim suits are going to be this summers theme, until Baby arrives!! :)

View from where we were sitting

After we were done, waiting for daddy to get he boat out of the water

Look how little his feet are. 

This was right before we got on the boat. Such a ham!

Figured I'd throw in a picture of my cats KitKat (Black) and Kabooki (White n Grey)