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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The shirt fight

There are many things Kadyn does not like. One huge thing he dislikes is changing from a dirty shirt into a clean shirt, or from a pajama shirt into a regular shirt. Anything that goes over his head he just throws a huge fit over. He never used to be like this, but as he gets older he goes through little phases. Even if I stretch out the neck of the shirt to were it hardly touches his head he still just gets super angry and will throw a fit for many minutes. Once he calms down he is fine, until he dirties his shirt and I have no choice but to change him.

I think eventually he will get over this phase. It just gets a bit frustrating getting him ready for school and it's a fight to get him to calm down in order for me to get him into his chair. When he gets upset he will become stiff as a board and will not sit in his chair. As I am buckling him in he is fighting me off. Of course I always win, but then I feel bad because I know he is mad at me. Once he gets outside and on the bus he is calm and full of smiles. I've been trying to have him link the getting dressed in the morning to he reward of getting on the bus, I think eventually as long as I keep telling him he is getting on the bus and going to school he will be happy. He loves school, and he LOVES getting on the bus. He really is a sweet boy but when he gets upset about something he lets it be known. Pretty sure it's just his autistic tendencies. Since Kadyn is not developed like a 5 year old boy would be they won't diagnose him with Autism but they say he is on the spectrum.

Like any issue we will work through it.

Kadyn was suppose to have an over night EEG (VMR). I decided to cancel it as the results are more than likely going to be the same as last time, the results won't change the treatment we are choosing for Kadyn's epilepsy, and really I do not want to fight with him to leave the leads alone. Being pregnant, and them wanting me to stay up all night and watch him just doesn't settle well with me. I called and canceled. It seems pointless to put Kadyn through testing that he really does not need. May 30th Kadyn has a Brain and Spine MRI. He will be going through that so we can check on his Chairi Malformation and Syrix.