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Saturday, June 29, 2013

1 week 2 days post op

Wait what Kadyn has surgery? Chiari Decompression surgery? You could never tell by the way he acts. He is a hyper active happy little guy. babbling, rolling, kicking and just in such a better mood. He pushes himself to sit up and will sit up a bit longer now than before. This little guy is one tough cookie. His incision site looks amazing, no infection, no fever, nothing! This has been one smooth ride. I really prepared myself for a rough week, but Kadyn kicked me and basically told me that he was not going to let this stop him or get him down.

It's just amazing. I'm the luckiest mom on earth. I count my blessings everyday for Kadyn and his strong personality.

(I took the video down for now, uploading it on another site to add on here)

My little guy is full of so much personality it amazes me!! As you can clearly see in this video, how vocal he can be and how he attentive he is to me. I can not wait to see him and Kyle interact with each other. Which reminds me today I am 33 weeks along in this pregnancy. With 7 more weeks to go, we still need Newborn diapers, and his nursery finished. Also need to wash his car seat as it has been sitting for so long. I just saw that Kadyn's old seat does not expire until December, so I am going to use that until then, then we have my friends car seat to use afterwards.

Kadyn's birthday party is this Saturday. His birthday is on Tuesday. He will be 6 years old. Time sure does fly by when you're enjoying every minute of it :)


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