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Friday, June 28, 2013

Say what?

I have many people on my facebook friends list who I know IRL and who I have met through hydrocephalus support groups. Many of these people i may not have ever met IRL but I feel closer to them then some of my real friends. I lost a lot when I had Kadyn. I didn't have time for friends, I didn't have time to go to the bar and have drinks every weekend, I didn't have time to drop everything and just leave anymore. I only had time for Kadyn and his health was 100% the most important to me. It still is! Many of my friends drifted away from me because apparently coming over to my house to just hang out with me and my son was "boring". I don't and will never apologize for it because I found out who my real friends are. I found out that the people I was once hanging around, were not my friends. I'm ok with that. Honestly I am more than ok with that. I enjoy my time in my own home with my family.

Now back to facebook. There was one person who I used to work with and I was close with at work that added me as a friend. I accepted and was excited to talk to this person again since I haven't since I quit my job. Then I saw that him and his wife shared a page, which was ok with me. I didn't know his wife. I saw his wife was pregnant. Sweet!  Then she posted this.

Everyone please remember me and my baby in your prayers got a call from the Dr. Yesterday saying test came back bad and something could be wrong with the baby but I'm believing in God the true Dr. the one who placed this baby in my whom My God is good and knows all things and I will love this baby know matter what My God Don't Make Junk

Now I am never one to get my panties in a bunch over something that someone else says but for some reason the line My God Don't Make Junk. Hit me like a slap in the face. I mean that is just a horrid way to put anything! Then again it's hard to know what she is referring to. If she is referring to that no matter what this baby she will love or that she believes her baby is fine because her God wouldn't make a special needs child. I clicked the unfriend button for them because rather than asking and causing "drama" I decided it would be best to jut cut them out. Surely my God does not make "junk" either. My God makes miracles, he makes amazing things, beautiful things and he makes special people see the beauty through anything. I am just overly amazed on how anyone could refer to a human life as "Junk" anyways. Especially a little human that is not even born yet.

Kadyn is doing amazing since his surgery. Today I took him out for the first time to the store and he did amazing. He was such a happy boy! Thankfully. I normally do not like to take Kadyn out until his stitches come out but we needed to go get some fly killing stuff since we had my friends party a crap ton of flies were let in. My cats are not doing their job in killing them lol.

Everyday is a better day for him. Yesterday he needed Tylenol but I believe it was a total of not having pain meds for a couple days and also the weather. It's been stormy here in Michigan. Almost a storm every day this week. Have to love humidity.


GirlWithGlasses said...

And once again, hello Kadyn's toes!
oh he's so cute :)

Colette said...

Did you ever find out what happened to that lady on Facebook and if her baby was ok? I have never heard an expression like that sad she felt that word was appropriate!