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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday my little hero

Yesterday (July 2nd) was Kadyn's 6th birthday. Although we did not really do much as his party is on Saturday we had a pretty eventful day. I took Kadyn to get his stitches out and he thankfully did great!

These past 6 years have been crazy, trying, hard, easy, happy, sad, but I wouldn't change anything. Everything we all have been through was for a reason, and we will continue to fight these battles that are thrown at us. From birth to now it's been a long amazing journey. 6 years we were told we wouldn't have. 6 years, over 30 surgeries, endless amounts of seizures, and yet through all of this his smiles, happiness and love make it all worth it. Kadyn is my world. I protect him to the best of my ability and yet I try not to shelter him too much. I look forward to our future!

Kadyn me and Daddy the day he was born. (the date is wrong on the picture)

The first time I held Kadyn after being separated for a week


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Kadyn!!!
Tons of kisses from Spain,