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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sometimes I just think too much

29 Weeks :)

It's amazing how much one person can just think. I find my self constantly thinking. Thinking about bringing another baby into this crazy world, thinking about Kadyn, thinking about his medical history and now thinking about the possibility of an up coming surgery. This surgery is scary to me. Kadyn has Chiari Malformation (kee-AHR-ee mal-for-MAY-shun). Kadyn jut had an MRI this past Thursday (May 30th) and the findings were not so good. When Kadyn went in for his seizure Saturday, the Neurosurg RN looked at his scan and told us the fluid flow from the brain to spine has decreased a lot since last year. She said when we were discharge to call the clinic and inform his NSG about this finding. So I did. I got a call back same day but had missed the phone call, but he did call me back the next day. He informed me that his scans were too complicated and that he needed to go over them with the radiologist. Now if a child's brain and spine scans are too complicated for his own Neurosurgeon that can not be good news. He is going to go over the scans with the radiologist on Friday and call me then with an answer and a plan. I am worried. I am trying now to worry but it's hard not to when facing a difficult and complicated surgery so close to facing the birth of a new child. If his NSG wants to do surgery right away I am hoping to get it done and over with within the next couple weeks, this way Kadyn will be nice and recovered by the time baby Kyle arrives. Or if it's not a huge emergency, Maybe we can wait until After Kyle is here. Perhaps schedule his surgery for end of August. Although if we do it early enough Kadyn will just miss summer school and not any days during the school year. So much to think about, so much to worry about, Kyle doesn't even have a room yet!! Im stressing over so much when I need to just relax. 


Kim said...

That sounds very scary. Hopefully if he needs the surgery they can do it before Kyle is here. Things get so much more complicated and emotional when there are other children in the family. I have 2 other kiddos besides my Ellie and being away from them all this time has been hard on this mama and them. Either way, I hope things go smoothly.