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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Call me crazy

Kadyn is my pride and joy. He brings happiness into my life when no one else, or nothing else can. His smile, his laugh, his voice, his personality, everything about him is just pure happiness. All of these things that I was told Kadyn would never do and here I see it every day. Sure my little man has been through the ringer. He had more downs in the the first 2 years of life than ups. His epilepsy battle was terrible, the battle of finding the right shunt(s) that work for him, the infection battle, and just the war to survive. All of these have molded him into the amazing child he is today. It's hard to believe that in 7 weeks I will be welcoming a new little boy into our world. A tiny little life who will depend on me for a long time. I love him already and I haven't even met him yet. His little kicks, his hiccups. Kadyn will be a big brother soon! My life with revolve around 2 little people. The amazing thing is baby Kyle will grow up in a household with a handicapped child as well. He will be raised to love everyone no matter how "different" they appear. He will be born to accept what most people can't accept. He will learn things as he gets older. Kadyn's care, his diagnosis, what he can and can't do. Kyle will be raised knowing that just because they appear to be "different" does not mean they are scary.

Kadyn is 1 week post op. He is doing amazing. He has not needed any pain medications in the past 2 days. He has rolled around, and even tried to sit up on his own a couple times. I am sure it's still a bit painful to do that. He is always happy and talking. This guy is a true trooper. I'm thankful Kadyn did so well after surgery where most people don't. He is remarkable! I am truly blessed!


Sue Z said...

You are an amazing mom! I love your positive attitude. You would be wonderful at running a support group for parents of children with disabilities.