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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post Op Recovery days 1-5

Kadyn's recovery is going by amazingly!!!

The first day of his surgery he was pretty out of it. He stayed in ICU. He had a lot of pain, and convincing the nurses that he was silently in pain was difficult. Kadyn does not cry when he is pain. He never has. You have to look for the subtle things. Which I had to fight the first day with the nurse. Kadyn was hitting his head forehead and grabbing at the back of his neck, his heart rate was in the 150's and he acted like he was uncomfortable. Being the first day I asked the nurse to give him morphine. She questioned me and I said because he is in pain. His heart rate is up along with his blood pressure, after going back and forth for a few minutes I tried explaining Kadyn to her but she still wasn't sure. So I told her please call Neurosurgery then. The Neurosurgery nurse came in, took one look at him and said, Yes Kadyn is in pain. Then had the Surgeon himself write in his file, If mom says he is in pain, give pain medication. Kadyn does not cry or make noises when he is in pain. He pains silently. After he was given Morphine, Kadyn drifted off to sleep, heart rate lowered and BP when down. He slept through the entire night comfortably.

The next morning he played a little. He began showing signs of pain again and he has Tylenol Suppositories on order. In hopes that just Tylenol would help his pain I asked for that, if anything if it didn't IV Morphine would help right away. With in 20 minutes, Kadyn was happy, and pan free. His atrial line was removed and his catheter was removed. We were then transferred out of ICU onto a regular inpatient floor with the idea of going home the next day. 

Day 3 of recovery was awesome. He got his Tylenol when he woke up. He seemed to be in the most pain after sleeping all night. Around 10pm Neurosurgery RN came in and asked when we wanted to go home. I said asap and she agreed. So she got his paper work together and scripts and we were sent home. Kadyn was a little uncomfortable on the ride home. Thankfully we only live 10 minutes from the hospital. Once home I decided it would be best to put a blanket down and let Kadyn enjoy being home on the living room floor where he can lay and relax. After a couple hours we did put him back to his bed to rest. He fell asleep around 8pm that night. No other pain medication was needed for him.

Day 4 of Recovery. We woke up to a brand new Kadyn. Happy, loving, hungry, full of energy. He was in a bit of pain from sleeping through the night so I gave him Tylenol and he was happier. He rolled around slowly. You could see it was a bit uncomfortable but he wanted to do it. I was sure when he had enough he would stop. He rolled, and played but still had not really talked a lot. I'm sure talking may of been a bit painful for him. He took a nice nap around noon for about 3 hours. I'm sure he wore himself out really good. I was not complaining. I napped with him! He woke up, and was happy, and hungry. I decided to try and give him a bit of yogurt. He took a couple bites but was uncomfortable sitting up. So I didn't push him. Back on the floor and he was a happy camper again. 

Day 5 of Recovery. That leads us to today!! Kadyn has not needed any sort of pain medication at all. We did notice an ear infection though. He is receiving drops for it and within a week or two that should clear up! He has been active, playful, happy, rolling everywhere and today he is talking. He is saying dada, mama, nana, and making all sorts of noise. He is reaching for me, his bottle, and everything he can get his hands on. Smiles are endless and he just seems happier. He still is a bit uncomfortable when rolling but he is doing it more often. His stitches still look great. He is still a little swelled up in the face and neck but not bad. I am very relieved that he has healed so quickly from this surgery. :)

It seems things can only look up from here. Kadyn's doing better than anyone could ever imagine. Kyle will be here in 4-8 weeks pending on when he decides to make his entrance. Then shortly after Kadyn will be returning to school!! I bet his teachers will be happy to see him again and know he did awesome!


Anonymous said...

I've been praying for Kadyn. Glad he's doing sooo well !!
What a speedy recovery !!. Hugs from Spain, Maria :)