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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kadyn and his Chiari Decompression

Kadyn finally had his Chiari Decompression surgery. It was done Thursday early morning and only took a couple hours. Which was a lot less than what we were expecting. His Neurosurgeon had to do the decompression and also C1 Laminectomy. Kadyn did amazing though! He had the surgery on Thursday and needed no pain meds until that night. He received Morphine and by the next morning we decided to see if Tylenol would help his pain and it did! Kadyn was only on Tylenol as needed for pain, and he only needed it again at night before bedtime! So his NSG said if he remains this stable he can go home!

We spent Thursday in the ICU, Friday on a regular inpatient floor and by Saturday morning we were out of there. It was wonderful and even his NSG said, most people are in a lot of pain, vomiting, and just plain out of it for awhile. To see Kadyn act like nothing ever happened really was just amazing. He sent us home with Tylenol Suppository and Senna script. Suppositories are easier to give when it comes to Kadyn. He does not take oral medication very well at all. I do have Motrin here that I can mix in his bottles but staying away from that as much as posisble.

Once we got home Kadyn became very verbal. I laid a blanket down on the floor in our living room and Kadyn started to roll. Ever so slowly he rolled but he was still getting around. I know his poor neck is probably still sore. After a hour or 2 I decided he should go rest in his bed and within an hour he was asleep. He slept through the night, not needing any pain meds. This morning I had to wash the incision area and Kadyn could use a little sponge bath. So about 15 minutes before I started washing his incision I gave him Tylenol to help with the pain. I washed his incision first with Warm soapy water. He got pretty upset but thankfully the Tylenol was kicking in as I finished. I think proceeded to wipe the rest of Kadyn down so he was some what clean. I have yet to attempt to put a shirt on him, as I don't want anything rubbing against his stitches and I am sure it wouldn't feel too good on him. So he has been pretty much in a diaper all day, but to me it's okay!!

I believe I noticed one thing that Kadyn is doing better so far. Focusing...looking right at me when I talk to him. I was standing by his crib while he was still in he hospital and he looked right at me. Right into my eyes and just stared and giggled at me. Like he has never seen me before. It was wonderful feeling, although I wonder what he was laughing about! haha

I am 32 weeks pregnant. 8 more weeks to go! While Kadyn was still in ICU they were taking his atrial line out of his wrist. They had stitched the line down onto his wrist. I was helping hold his arm still and helping hold him down when all the sudden I felt nauseated, dizzy, sick, hot, sweaty. I sat down and it was not going away and the nurse noticed that I turned grey and lost all color to my face. So she yelled to the nurse to call rapid response to our room just incase. She left Kadyn's side and ran to mine so I wouldn't pass out. After a couple deep breaths and a ton of doctors to focus on, I started feeling better. I think I needed my attention focused away from Kadyn for a minute. I have never had that before and have watched worse things happen with him. So I am going the chalk this up to being pregnant. They took my blood pressure and it was normal and my heart rate was 79, which is the lowest it's been all pregnancy. I've been running 102-120. Thankfully it was a little scare but after that I was fine. I have not had anything since. I have an appointment on Wednesday so I am going to mention it to my doctor, just to be sure he thinks the same thing as I do.

Next Monday Kadyn will be getting his stitches out, well he can. I think I am going to hold off until Wednesday so Harvey can go and help hold him down ect. I don't want the same thing happening to me again.

I love me a happy Kadyn :)