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Friday, June 14, 2013

Surgery #? I don't even know anymore

Kadyn is scheduled for his Chiari Decompression surgery for Thursday June 20th. This is a big surgery for him. Scary for me to even think about, but what is more scary is not having the surgery. Kadyn's cerebellum is dipping down into his spinal column. Normally CSF travels this path to coat the spine, well Kadyn's fluid flow is pretty much almost blocked. You can see very very little fluid flow. Also there should be fluid surrounding the cerebellum but the back of it you can see there is no fluid at all and his cerebellum is pushed up against the back of his skull. This is not good at all. This is the reaonings for Kadyn's bad days/weeks. This is why Kadyn's seizures are back at full force and worse than ever. This could be the reason for Kadyn's lack of sleep. He also has fluid pockets on his spine. Syrinx are what they are called. He has two of these, one large one, one small one. These need to be drained also. I believe his NSG is going to place a shunt in his spine to drain it. I am not 100% on this one though. I was overwhelmed with so much information that I forgot to even ask any questions. My biggest goal was to look at his scans, schedule surgery before baby is born and get Kadyn healed and feeling better.

31 weeks! I am on every 2 week appointments now and starting NST's after my next appointment. Kyle is measuring in the 27th percentile which means he will possibly be a small baby. Of course measuring baby through ultrasound is all guessing games, but it's fun to think about the possibility of how big he will or won't be.

These next few weeks are going to be hectic. We have been through so much with Kadyn lately that I am hoping this is the super fix. I seems like when we come close to catching a break.....the break is over. I just want Kadyn to not have to be in and out of hospitals. Although this is not the same for every child that has the conditions Kadyn has, it's really just really affected him.


Anonymous said...

May Gods peace and blessings surround you and your sweet Kadyn during this most difficult surgery. I pray all goes well with his surgery, and many angels accompany him, and God gives precise wisdom and guidance to his doctor during the procedure. I will continue to hold up you and your family. Gods in control, everything will be okay. May you find peace and comfort during this time. Congrats on your healthy pregnancy, thanks for keeping us all posted. Kadyn is surly a miracle, and has a great purpose in life. May God bless you today and always. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything has gone well. Keep on praying for Kadyn, you and baby Kyle. Tons of kisses from Spain. Maria ;)