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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Doggy!

Meet Baxter. A 6 year old mix pup who is the laziest and sweetest guy ever! There is a long, dramatic story behind how I got him and because I have much respect for the family, who is my family anyways, I will keep that to myself, what matters is he is probably the most well behaved dog I've ever had. Even more well behaved than Korona. Korona is not to happy about it, but she is coping, and Yes Baxter has 1 blue 1 brown eye. It creeps me out sometimes lol. 
 He is overly good with Kadyn too. He lets Kadyn touch his paws and his tail and everything. When he is done, he gets up and walks away. I praise him and give him treats for this, so he knows he is doing the right thing. His only bad habit.....he jumps on the bed when we are asleep. He likes to sleep on the bed lol.