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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thoughts/30 weeks

Since the day Kadyn was born I always said I would never treat him any different than any other child. I would always be honest about where is scars came from no matter what age the person/child. Of course I know talking with a child about it would need different words than an adult, but honesty and knowledge about Kadyn are what is best. I would always teach him to be proud of his scars and be proud of who he is and what his conditions are. God made him that way and he should embrace it. Although I never had to teach him that because Kadyn loves himself and he loves life. Every thing he has been through has been a learning curve for me and our family.

Of course treating Kadyn as if he is like any other child is difficult, I do the best I can. When it comes to taking him places I try and take him to experience as much as possible, but when I know it's something he won't like/won't handle I try to stay away from. Like fire works. With the 4th of July coming up I know that Kadyn does not like to loud noises of the fire works, so we will stay away from any events that involve fire works. We have tried taking him over the years and every year he just cries and gets upset. The sudden loud bang is not anything of entertainment for him.

I can't punish Kadyn like I would any other child. Kadyn has some bad habits. Pinching being one of them. I can't pinch him back, he doesn't understand and even then he would more than likely laugh. With him I sternly say no and move him hand the first time, the second time I yell OUCH and say NO, and walk away and not play with him for a little while. This has helped a little bit. He is slowly starting to understand pinching means no play time with mommy for awhile, especially when he really wants my attention. I will come back and try to play with him again but it's a repeat thing that I must do. 

I know Kadyn is different then other children. I know he can't do all the same things they can do, I'm sure he knows it too, but I won't let it get him down. I will constantly remind him how special and loved he is. I will always tell him I love him everyday and give him soo many kisses. I mean most kids at the age of 5 won't like you kiss their cheeks anymore. Most kids get around on their hands and knees and feet. So Kadyn gets around in a wheel chair. If you ask me, he gets the easy way out. I mean he gets to sit and be pushed around. He is happy to just sit there and be pushed around in his chair. 

I'm 30 weeks now. 10 more to go. Do we have anything ready. Nope. The nursery is not done, we don't have diapers, we don't have a car seat, we don't have the crib set up, or a dresser for this baby. All of his clothes are in a bin right now. I think next week I am going to go get a pack of diapers for him, and start looking at dressers. Even if the nursery is not finished I can put the dresser in Kadyn's room for now while I wait for Harvey to get around to finishing the nursery.

It needs the flooring put in and carpet, and also trim. Then we can put the crib together and get everything put together. I also want some shelves built in his room to set things on. Right now the room is full of junk. A bin of toys, Kyles things, Harveys tools from working on the room, ect ect. Maybe one day it'll be done. Things have been so crazy busy between my health and Kadyn's health.

Kadyn will be having surgery this summer. Not sure when, we go in Wednesday at 315pm (EST) to look over his scans and schedule a date. This is by far going to be one of Kadyn's biggest surgeries ever. This is scary for me and his daddy as we are about to welcome out 2nd child in 10 weeks. This surgery is so close to what is suppose to be one of the happiest days of our lives that I am starting to find it hard to get excited for this. I mean don't get me wrong I am excited but I am scared. All the things that I've worried about when I found out I was pregnant are coming true. Kadyn's health not being as well as it used to be, surgery being needed, and finding out that he needs surgery so close to when Kyle is suppose to be here. We will get through it. We always do. It may be tough, and it will be rough but in the end everything will be ok. I just need to keep telling myself that, and maybe I will believe it soon. 


GirlWithGlasses said...

What is the surgery for?

Summer N said...

of course you can get through! believe in yourself and most importantly in God!