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Monday, July 8, 2013

6th Birthday Party

Kadyn's birthday party was awesome. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, spent it with family and just enjoyed celebrating Kadyn's 6th year of life. Kadyn was a good boy too, he rolled and played but he soon tuckered out. We had a long weekend of fun stuff so I knew he would be a bit tired for his party. He enjoyed having everyone over and watching the kids play. It's nice being able to have both Harvey's family and my family together for his birthday.

Kadyn's birthdays are a big deal. Especially when we were told Kadyn would not live past the age of 1. Here he is 6 years old and doing amazing. I am ever so thankful for each passing day and each year I get to celebrate his birthdays. It's a blessing.

This year we didn't really decorate. With Kyle arriving, soon I was not in the mood to decorate and was sort of over whelmed with the idea of having a bunch of people in my house. I wanted to celebrate Kadyn's birthday though. It's important to me. We did do a sort of Mario theme. The kids enjoyed the little pool and enjoyed playing with one another. It was super amazing to see the kids on my side of the family and the kids on Harvey's side just play together like they have known each other forever.

When we all went to sing happy birthday Kadyn listened. You could tell he was listening by his expression. Once the singing was over with everyone was silent and I just said well someone blow out the candles and Kadyn inhaled and let out a huge SIGH. It was soooo cute and right on que. I wish I got it on video. 

Presents were opened, Kadyn received a new little table lamp, a very awesome comfy bean bag chair and a new Big Bro shirt! The rest he got were gift cards and a little money. It's hard to shop for Kadyn. Especially when he does not play with toys and he has a TON of clothes. Gift cards are amazing because as he needs something I can just go get it. It helps get me out of the house and also Kadyn if Harvey is working. 

All in all it was an amazing day :). Next on the list of things to do. Have a baby! :)


Yessica Prawira said...

Hai i had read your blog which i found from youtube. I think you are an amazing mom. May i ask, is kadyn autism?