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Monday, July 15, 2013

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

It's above my bed written on the wall. You should always kiss your loved ones goodnight. I always kiss Kadyn good night and Harvey. Soon I'll be kissing Kyle goodnight. My thought is that you should always treat each day like it's your last day. There is no point in staying angry or holding grudges because in the end none of it matters. From a doctors stand point Kadyn should not even be here with me right now. I've been blessed with his life and I count my blessings everyday he is with me. This child has been through the ringer. God knows how many brain surgeries (almost 30 now I believe?) and other surgeries as well. His recent surgery being the most invasive and scary one of all. Which he is healing amazingly from. 

I recently shaved Kadyn's head. His hair was long and out of control. When I shaved it I knew his scars would show but I am not embarrassed to show them off. I don't care what others opinions are on my son's scars because each scar is there for a reason. Each scar is there because his life was saved from a surgery. Call me crazy but if it was not for surgery Kadyn would not be alive. As much as many of us Hydrocephalus parents and patients hate shunts, it's all we have to keep ourselves and our children alive and we need to stop and be thankful for them. I always see posts about how much people hate shunts. I hate when they fail, but I don't hate them fully. I mean what else would be keeping you alive right now if you didn't have it? I am ever so thankful that Kadyn's shunt has been working for 3 years now. 

A couple days ago I had a friend over getting her hair done. Her hair dresser comes to her and she needed a place to go so I said they could come here. The hair dresser wanted to see Kadyn and I said ok. When she saw him drinking a bottle and him resting in his bed, she asked if he just turned 1. I said no he turned 6. She then got this look of confusion. I then explained, he is handicapped and was born with Hydrocephalus, he has epilepsy, and just had surgery on his Chiari Malformation. He is 6 years old but has the developmental age of a 10 month old. She then smiled and said, oh he is so small for his age and I just laughed and said, well he would of been a big 1 year old if you thought that! She then proceeded to go on about her nephew who has CP. He goes to the same school as Kadyn. Small world. She asked if Kadyn had CP and I said quite the opposite. He can chew his toes still he is so limber. It was nice to be able to explain to her everything. If Kadyn was a average 6 year old he sure would not be on a bottle lol, but this is Kadyn's main way of getting him his nutrition he needs. I refuse to give him a feeding tube as long as he is getting bigger and gaining weight. Of course he is small for his age. I mean he is 6 years old and still wearing a 2-3T.

I am 35 weeks along now. At 37 weeks I'll be considered full term. The plan is to induce at 39 weeks :) Oh the fun!!!


Sue Z said...

I have the same sign above my bed! :)
I love his hair cut ... It looks so cute on him!