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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do something, Be thankful.

Kadyn rolling over his daddy

36 weeks :)

Kadyn got his gait trainer. He hates it

Since joining the Hydrocephalus journey I've noticed many people complaining. Complaining about how there is no funding for the condition, and putting down other charities that raise money for a different cause. Like cancer seems to be the biggest one. Well coming from a family where cancer has been heard a few times that kind of upsets me. I mean Hydrocephalus is a brain condition. A cure for such condition is logically not likely. There are so many ways to acquire it, (cancer being one of them!) that cancer is more than likely to be cured because its a disease. These people are the same people that are not doing anything to bring awareness of the condition either. Just because you told your friends and family doesn't mean you're bringing awareness to people. Hydrocephalus is researched from funds from people. Donations from PEOPLE. There are a few organizations out there that ask for donations for the research in this condition, but even with funding the only "cures" we are going to find are better treatment options. I don't hope for a cure, that would be hoping for the impossible. I hope for a better way of life, better treatments, no surgeries, better device or even no devices. So there has not been any medical advances in 50 years, but yet we should be thankful that the shunt was invented. I mean where we be if we did not have the shunt? How would those with children with the condition be?

I just find it amazing that there are so many people willing to whine and complain about it yet they are not getting up and doing something. The only way to make a difference is to do something! Go to a HF WALK, create a team, ask for donations towards it, or even any other of the organizations that support hydrocephalus. Just don't sit there and tell me you are sick of seeing so many people talking about Cancer and Diabetes and Leukemia, and who knows what else. These are just as important as Hydrocephalus.
Would you feel this way if Hydrocephalus never entered your life?? No, just like those who support cancer, perhaps cancer has entered their lives through someone else, or even themselves. Relax and be thankful for the shunt.

I am 36 weeks today. 3 weeks more the go. :) I find it hilarious how many parents freak out over everything that has been happening in this world. Like all those who say, I am home schooling my children because of all the violence that has happened in schools. Ok that is your choice, but I am not going to change my thoughts and life because there are idiots out there. I mean you're still going to take your child to the store, put them in the car, take them to the doctors, ect. You have a good chance of something happening then. I mean someone can break into your house and then what? I'm sorry but I think everyone needs to relax. YOU CAN'T PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM EVERYTHING. Plain and simple. So why shelter them? School offers the social skills your children need and thrive on. I'm not saying put them in a public school, private schools are good too. Also I am not against home schooling, some kids need it, but if the only reason you are going to home school because you're afraid of what may happen while they are in school, I don't agree with you, but to each their own. Those are just my thoughts about it! 

Kadyn got his gait trainer the other day and he does not like it. He is uncomfortable in it. I am thinking maybe when he goes back to school that they can help get him more comfortable and confident in it. Until then I think it will collect a bit of dust. :)