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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Emergency Seizure Bag

Having a child with epilepsy, you never know when that seizure is going to happen. It can happen during a walk, or at a store or a restaurant. It's one of those things that you should always be prepared for. I put together a bag for Kadyn for when I take him out for a walk, or to the store or where ever.

Items I take with me everywhere

All fits in this little bag

Just a small gerber bag I got from the hospital

Hand sanitizer, I like to make sure my hands are germ free before I give him his meds

Diazapam 10mg plus the lube it comes with. I carry two just incase.

Wipes, sometimes after getting the diazapam he will poop. Also good for wipes any drool or spit up that may occur during seizure.

Extra diapers 

A receiving blanket incase I need to lay him on the ground. 

When Kadyn has a seizure, the quicker I can act the quicker he comes out of it. Even if that means laying him on the floor in a restaurant and giving him his meds. I've had to do this before. When my child is mid seizure my thoughts are not about the other people around me. I could care less if I just ruined their meals because I had to give my child life saving medication up his rump. My goal is Kadyn and getting him out of his seizure. Once he is out of his seizure, we pack up and leave and get him home to sleep it off.

I never leave home without these things. If we are gone for a few days I make sure I have enough Diazapam that he could get it everyday if needed. I'd rather be over packed then under packed and needing something. When we go away for days I pack a bigger bag of course, since he needs clothes, blankets, formula, bottles, nipples, everything pictures above, diapers wipes, ect. 

Soon I'll have 2 bags to pack :)


Shanna Arndt said...

You do an amazing job with that little boy...he is so lucky to have you for a mom!! Little Kadyn is such a warrior....thank you for sharing your story