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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I love my children

My two lil boys are my whole world. I cherish every moment spent with them. I get a kick out of Kadyn's sleeping positions. He is a "all over the place" sleeper.

Kadyn gives my heart pure joy. Knowing what he has been through and how happy and content he is just makes me smile. He has a heart of gold. He knows no evil that this world can posses. This makes me happy. He is a very content lil dude, and loves to smile, laugh and play. Today at school Kadyn was being a goofball to his teachers and kept saying NO NO NO and laughing. He sure knows how to make every bodys heart melt.

My sweet little Kyle is going through a phase of not wanting to nap. Yes, 1 month old and the lil guy is already fighting naps. It's so hard to keep him content when he is so tired. He wants you to hold him while he sleeps, but this is something I can not due, especially if Kadyn isn't sleeping as well. 

Can you believe Kyle is a month old already? Time sure is flying by. He is always so awake and alert, smiling and happy. He eats 4oz every 2-3 hours when awake and will sleep 5-6 hours at night. He loves being talked to. Nothing in this world is better than talking to him. He just stares at you and coos and smiles. He just loves it! He looks more like his daddy but he has blue eyes like me, or well it's looking like he will have my blue eyes. His eyes are still a bit dark, but they are more blue than anything.

The best thing about having two boys who are still tiny. Being able to buy them matching clothing!

Aren't they just soo stinking cute? 

Also a lazy afternoon is all he more better. Just being with my boys. I am out numbered though, but we are done having children. 2 is a good number and 2 boys is the best!


sara said...

Yes they ARE too stinking cute!!!

Vaishnavi said...

your baby such a nice cute baby and good looking......!

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