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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and going. 1 more left and the holiday season is over. I am thankful. Although I love the holidays I most enjoy them being over with. I truly am thankful for the gifts that we have received from many people. I could never show enough gratitude for those who have helped out in any way that they could. Being parents of two children is not easy, especially when you throw in a handicapped child. Things will get easier though. I am working again. I work as an Event Specialist  at Sam's Club. I am that person behind the cart handing you free samples and hoping you'll buy the product!

It's been awhile since I have updated. Things have just been so busy. Kadyn ended up having a bad seizure a couple days ago. It all ended up being because he had an ear infection. He is on antibiotics and will soon be better. He hasn't had this bad of a seizure in a long time. I actually had to call for an ambulance because he would not come out of it. He had a high fever and I believe that is the reason I couldn't get him out of it with just his Diastat. Once the EMT's arrived he was about done but his heart rate was still high and respiratory down, plus we had no clue if it was his shunt or not and since the seizure lasted about 25 minutes it was a good idea to go get checked out, so off to Childrens Hospital of Michigan we went. We went straight to Trauma since his seizure was so long, plus things move faster in trauma so we would have answers quicker. So of course the minute we walk in the check for fever, 101.4 then they checked his ears, infected. It seems that was the answer to all of it. Kadyn is on antibiotics now and should start feeling better soon.

Kyle is 4 months old now. He is growing up so quickly. Getting bigger and stronger every day. He is holding his head up almost perfectly now and almost sitting up on his own. He loves to laugh and giggle and babble. He throws up a lot still and I am going to ask his doctor about that at his doctors appointment tomorrow. He doesn't just spit up a little, he vomits everywhere, like a water fall and it's non stop between each feeding. I have never seen a baby throw up so much. I am wondering if he needs to be on a Soy based formula. I am pretty sure she will ask for an ultrasound of his belly. We even tried thickening his formula with cereal but he still throws that up a lot. Burping between each feedings and giving him medications are not helping. He is still growing but not as much as he should be. So hopefully we have answers for that tomorrow.

Other than that life is still good. :) I have no complaints. Other than this ear infection and fever that caused Kadyn's seizure things have been great!!


Jan H said...

My son Kyle did the same thing. Projectile vomiting. It was awful. My doc said he didn't think Kyle needed soy formula but I switched him anyway and the vomiting stopped almost immediately. Good luck!
Jan Hartwig

Anonymous said...

My daughter was a puker too and needed Nutriminagen (sp?). It was kind of pricey, but they make it in powder now. It really helped her.
Lee in IL