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Friday, December 27, 2013

This year is almost over

As we approach 2014 and end 2013 there are is so much new in our world. Kadyn can say more words, he is more active, happier and has learned to work some toys with pressing buttons. He can walk in a gait trainer, stand in his stander and he also can hold his head up on his own. He also has grown a lot. He has went from wearing 2t-3t to a 4t-5t with in the year. His shoe size went up 1 size and his personality is shining through so much more. Harvey went from working security to working for Dish Network. We welcomed a new little guy in August into our family and I quit Mcdonalds and now work for CrossMark within Sam's Club. I've met new friends and let go old friends. I've learned that sometimes there are people you have never met in real life who care more about you and your family than those who have been around for a long time.

We also learned that Kadyn had Chiari Malformation and months later we learned that it had gotten worse an he would need surgery. He had surgery in June. He turned 6 years old shortly after. Kadyn didn't attend summer school again due to this surgery. We are still working on him healing from it but I believe it is getting better. Kadyn started eating more solids. More so yogurts than anything. He is still on his Ketogenic diet but his seizures still pop up here and there, but have got less and less frequent.

Kyle Xavier was born on August 16th. He was a surprise pride and joy. We love him to pieces. He was born healthy and happy. Well maybe not so happy, I mean are any babies born happily? :)

I look forward to Kadyn's progress in 2014. I also look forward to watching Kyle grow and learn new things. Children are a blessing and I've been blessed x2. I'm lucky, very lucky.

Hopefully I can provide more updates in the new year!